A thousand years

November 23, 2011
A thousand years
What if I, to a rose your beauty compare?
In envy and spite would wither the flower
And the whole spring would turn at the power
Of your smile, for Mother Nature’d want to stare

Autumn must then hate you, for what leave would fall
If you just walked by, a garden of lilies, would elegantly grow
And to the snowflakes of winter, no comparison there be
You are calmer, lovelier, and much more sweet

A heating sun, appears, with dazzling rays
And the darkest places reluctantly shine
But these light beams, without you seem grey
And what day can be pretty, if you’re not mine?

A thousand years and months will pass, ever forgotten
And as human beings that we are, our bodies will rotten
But I promise, because you are my verse’s muse and heart’s aspirations
Your name, like seasons, because of my quill, will be known in every nation

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Deshae24 said...
Nov. 30, 2011 at 5:52 pm
another awesome poem! 
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