Triumphant Love <3

November 23, 2011
May your triumphant love rain down,
Let it shower on thy crystal lake.
And when the crystal lake shall drought,
Let thee,your triumphant love pour down.

As it rains, we shall see, all of what we used to be.
Memories,so dark,so cold, and joyous memories, so very old.
Let the majestic diamonds of our past,
Be visible as see through glass.

When all shall fail,
When we yearn to see the light,
Raise us up,
Defeat the night.

Love is love,
As we are we,
You and I,
Were meant to be.

Sing unto me of your soul,
Precious secrets left untold,
Tell me truth of your race,
Redeem thy light and shed thee grace.

Pour out your love,
My dearest friend,
Shed only love ,
Until thee end.

Let the presence of your soul shine through,
It will guide you,
Pull you through,
Pour out your triumphant love.

As gracefullness falls,
Shine your love,
Your beautiful, wonderful,
Triumphant love...


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