November 23, 2011
By SumiD SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
SumiD SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
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Well even if the tears are never mended

imma still move on; i cant be too dependent

Maybe u should wait for this

imma tell u straight up

you don't have any waitresses

not being pessimistic

your the one that's got it twisted

so what if im a critic

i guess its cause our history

i press control h to erase you and me

cant find nothing to be proud of

thinking of the past is such a turnoff

come on, lets keep moving

and i most definitely have

there's no more sand left in the hour glass

so imma keep my eyes on the future

we are just acquaintances

i forgot, tell me again who u is

like a video game i died and started over

erased my progress and loaded a new game

so my heart is hardened

i locked it up and threw the key away

now my heart will be my slave

kunta kente

it wont belong to anyone else

no escape

thanks to you my heart is trained

at last it wont fall for nonsense

it will obey my brain

like the north star it will follow my conscience

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