Whattabout Next Time?

November 1, 2011
By dherta11 GOLD, Ortonville, Michigan
dherta11 GOLD, Ortonville, Michigan
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I swallowed
And arrive perfectly.
The only thing I'm gunna do right.
Uplifting sad songs and
Mix up my mind more than I
Could ever anticipate.
Sip after suck after sip
I gulp.
No teenage boy should
Be so serious
and I am begging her something awful.
I am so good,
I am the best.
her lower back will never feel such
gentle tips
and her lips will never
play upon sweeter lips than mine.
And still
She finds contentedness in the
and Chuck Sheens
That she hobbies with.
I don't have it in me
to play up my personality
to leave
and hop around.

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