November 26, 2011
By esmirnaZz BRONZE, Pomona, California
esmirnaZz BRONZE, Pomona, California
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I'm in a room. The lights are out.
On a bed, alone. I see a light.
A light that creeps onto my skin, from the slightly open door.
I hear noise. Its from the other room. Laughter. Giggles. Words in Spanish? English? Perhaps. A family. Why am I here? I dont know. I speak, yet no one replies. I think Im crying, but no one is here to comfort me. How long have I been here? This is a dream. I am at home. In my bedroom. My own stranger in my bedroom. No, its reality. Doesn't anyone hear me? See me?! I want to smile, I really do. But, why should I? What reasons are there? No one cares. No; Someone does. But I guess I dont count. I think I want to sleep now. Yes. I'll get under the covers and rest. Im dreaming now; this is real. Im in a room again, alone. But its very bright! White walls. Too bright. I cant see! I scream. I hear laughter. What? Where am I? No please let me wake up! I prefer my reality.

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1bcar said...
on Dec. 2 2011 at 10:26 am
Nice! Although this to me seems more like a creative writing short in the first person. I like it. It can be a poem you just need to adjust the structure according to the sort of poem you would like it to be:) There are a few to choose from.

Bradleighna said...
on Nov. 30 2011 at 9:13 pm
Very good. I really like the feeling of this one. Pleasently contradicting. :P

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