November 26, 2011
Five friends,
energetic, content, alive.
HE lures one in,
posing as an intriguing invitation
to a relaxing, less stressful place.
All he wanted to do was rest for a day,
but he was taken forever.
Four friends,
studious, creative, alive.
The promise of a blissfully empty mind
captures another's attention.
The need for escape overpowers reality
and HE wins once again.
Three friends,
optimistic, anxious, alive.
The smoke clouds his judgement.
The tingling sensation, being free of worry.
The enormous weight lifted off his aching shoulders,
but he walks straight into the arms of HIS camouflaged h***.
Two Friends,
distressed, tense, but alive.
The pull towards being accepted,
being part of something,
being loved,
is too vigorous for her to withstand.
Sucked into HIS open but suffocating arms,
she's gone.
One Friend,
terrified, intimidated, but still alive.
Her morals entangled with mistaken thoughts,
her internal battle being lost,
her backbone slumping,
her will to fight waning,
Will she be able to resist?
Resist his overbearing beckon.

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