I wish someone told me.........

November 18, 2011
By LoveLife101 SILVER, Fort Washington, Maryland
LoveLife101 SILVER, Fort Washington, Maryland
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I wish someone told me that life was not all that you think it would be. I wish someone told me that the fairy tale movies that i see were nothing when i was young. I know now that life will get better for the world. However, life can not begin until you start it. some people say that young people these day's aren't grateful, respectful, they say we have not been through what we say we been through.

I say you never know until you ask someone what really is going on. When you look at me, you may think i'm quite, yes. I'm always a happy person because, i smile all though yes. But can you really tell how i feel. my life has always been a battle yet i have come far. I'm grateful for being able to leave everyday, I'm respectful for the people in my life.

However, I know that my time will end but everyday i wake up and think that it's really just a brand new day. every year i live it's a chance to start life over and begin again. every season theres a reason to just get up and start to enjoy life for what it has to offer. to me it's hard to remember the bad. my bad wants to out-weigh the good.

Although it seems that way it will never stop me from living my life to the fullest possible. i just wish someone told me that it will be ok, that life will get better in time. one day i will change my life, my personality, my appearance. It will become better overtime, And then i know i will be successful at everything i do.

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