I Love My Life Changer

November 18, 2011
By LoveLife101 SILVER, Fort Washington, Maryland
LoveLife101 SILVER, Fort Washington, Maryland
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When you left
I was lost
I could not find myself
I was no one to everyone
I was a ghost
Stuck in my shadow
Even my shadow was stuck
In its shadow
See i need you
When your around i'm never alone
You are the only one I love
I need you now more then ever
I want to change us for the better
If I knew what to say I would
I say it in a heart beat
But I cant
Just don't know what to say right now
Still....Although my life is sum what complete
It gets even better when your around
You are a big part of my life
And i thank you for being with me
I cherish you deeply
And I can never give you up for nothing


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