Mother Earth

November 18, 2011
Her walk is brutal,
she glides with deadly ambition.
Her eyes dont flinch.
frozen in her own definition.
her body barely breathes
but the air around her screams,
as if she could grasp it,
and torchure it menacingly.
Her words burn into the skin.
a melodey of sin spoken
boiling from within.
Her gaze sets off a fire
in your core and burns
so hot its cold
. but without her glance
you have no soul.
Her integrityis outstanding
and her form is perfection.
She roams this world
like the savage beast
roams the wild.
Shes everything but human,
anything but sane.
The crevice of existance is her domain.
you cant escape her clutch
and you cant resolve her pain.
She is the sky,
the lightining
the earth
and the rain.
She is the fire
the ice
the frost
and the flame.
She is the typhoon of blizzards
and a hurricane of earthquakes.
The only way to escape her
is to never be born
from the ashes of the wake.

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