trust me i do understand

November 18, 2011
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I admit I was jealous
Jealous of the way you die
Because I know how it feels to die

It’s true we fought, centipede
You’ve crawled you’ve tickled you’ve crept
I’ve hit I’ve stomped I’ve smacked

You would think it would be easier
But it hurts even more each time I die
My body always fights against my will to let go

What are you doing here no one wants you
Yea just stomp on him a few times he’ll go away
I guess we’ve both heard that before centipede

I was angry with the world for my emotional destuction

Leaving me my TV my house my toys my food
But no one to even say I love you

I really do, I understand
That I hurt you and the ones you loved
By connecting my anger with your heart

We are alike, both treated like the dirt we were
made from
For us both they’ve threatened to break us like
Our Green blue yellow blood will be on their

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