The two way mirror

November 18, 2011
By SparkXzMcCoy SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
SparkXzMcCoy SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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a wonderous thing
so highly deceiving
a precipice of faith
but is seeing believeing?
a blessing never to be mimiced
a curse never to be faked
a ribbon of colourful vibrations
a live performance
of endless distractions of decorations
to imply perfection
is the users mistake
a soft sensation
that warps the mind
twisting and bending
into a tangent demise
fragile as glass
soft as snow
decended in a realm
where fear radiates in a bleak rose
could seeing be decieving
is it worth believing?
all these changes
could be what my mind
is percieving to be thinking
so what message is behind
this image that i see?
of a tinged cracked flask
bleeding pleasently?
this beauty is grotesque
still its stains seep in
we indecisively take
the things that we see
subcaunsiously come to a conclusion
weve already been decieved.
what i once thought to be art?
is only evidence
of a murder scene.
Is seeing believing?
or a bridge of faith?
to imply perfection
is the users mistake,

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