Run Away, Run Through My Mind

November 16, 2011
By AliNicolosi GOLD, Marlton, New Jersey
AliNicolosi GOLD, Marlton, New Jersey
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My troubles won’t walk away
because I’m too focused on the people who will.
Run away thoughts, run through my mind
Air bubbles through my veins
Blood boiling under skin
You help me breathe
Let down by many, envied by few
I’ve seen all too many backs
The itch you can not scratch
Knives never removed
Fooled from the start
You race through my heart
Run away troubles, run through my mind
At least have the decency
How do you feel?
You’re magically exceptional
But you know too many tricks
I’m no rabbit, can’t retrieve me from the hat
Half smiles, and sneaky smirks
They spoon-feed you life
I’m chasing after mine
Run away triggers, run through my mind
Simply put
I trust almost none
Bitten-down cuticles
You’ll always be the one
Running away , running through my mind

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