Not Alone

November 16, 2011
One couple holds each other
He is worn
By the passing of time
She has remnants of beauty
Still drawn on her face
His pale long hand lies
On her back as if
It will always stay.
Her silver soft hair
Peaks above his shoulder
As she lies her head upon him.
She smells tones of tobacco and
Peppermint hard candy
They sway to and fro
Like an old ship
Coming home
After a long journey
While silent they smile
In sync In sync
Wistfully dreaming
About the same memories
The rough times
Missing payments
Working three jobs and law school
Barely speaking
Eating alone
The good times
A white veil
A new home
A cherished baby
A precious grandchild
Two lives became one
A long time ago
Now they reminisce together
Bodies close
Hearts infinitely one.

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