My moon

November 18, 2011
By Anonymous


Seconds, hours every day
I wait in hopes that you will come today
Breathing, seeking , waiting for you
You said you would come back and that was true

You shone my heart like a candle in the dark
You waited for me when i was fighting in Iraq
You said i was important to you, so why did you leave?
But like you, i will wait here too , You would comeback that's what i believe


Oh hope you are no longer waiting for me
I hope you haven't lost belief
I hope your still shining like you did before
I hope your heart is still pure

You were my only life
You were the one who kept me alive
And i know you will achieve
Whatever you believe


God why did you take her away?
I know she had more to say
I loved her like no other
In which star are you right now mother?

And i loved it when you were my only support
I loved it better when i was the moon and you were the Sun
And i know you are still here even if we are apart
And Mom, i will no longer run


I love you like no other
And i hope you are not alone
I am still close even though i am far
And son, I would always want you to be my moon

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