November 18, 2011
By OjosQueNoMiente BRONZE, Socorro, New Mexico
OjosQueNoMiente BRONZE, Socorro, New Mexico
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We Ask For Love Yet Our Heart's Don't Exist.<3

I love your eyes. Because their yours. I love your heart because it beats for me. After all this craziness there just might be another door for opportunity. when the heavens opens and leads you to another life. i love your eyes because their yours i love your heart because its yours when that opportunity comes. Please, don't forget me.. Please don't leave me.. Please don't lose who i am. looking at the last piece we left on the open floor.. I waited for you.. I waited for you.. And I waited. In another life, if it's true of course.. i loved your eyes because they were yours. I loved your heart still.. Even now while it beats me.. No More&lt;3

The author's comments:
A love life i felt with him.. But i always feel far. Always. Im not enough. In another life.. So he says. But i think it'd really be me.. Believing his words. Waiting.

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