November 17, 2011
Dressed in your uniform you had looked so strong
The passion in your eyes made me fall in love
My emotions were steaming form above
And slowly you replaced the lyrics to my song.
When you went away, the look on your face
It hurt me so much watching you that day

I whispered I’d wait standing in the doorway
And in my heart you’d always have a place
Love had me stranded, but I didn’t care
But just when I tattooed you name on my soul
Death came and you lost all control
I should have known better, life was unfair
So the officer came, knocking on my door
He handed me a letter, and from then I knew
You weren’t coming back there wasn’t a cure
The smile on your face that day of November
Dressed in your uniform you had looked so strong
You had said to me you’d never surrender
But you did, you left me to face the world alone
So at night I pray that you come along
Even though I know, you’re not coming home
But here in my heart you’ll always belong
Forever you remain the lyrics to my song
You, my sweet fairytale gone… wrong

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