I could

November 17, 2011
I could forget things that I needed to say
And ignore the words, while I walk away
Leaving the treasure I love to decay
Although I’d have every reason to stay.
I could trade my voice for something so unreal
And forget the joy and teach my heart how to feel
All these sentiment, these emotion that kill
Maybe then I’ll know that pain is real
I could destroy my world and ask for misery
Erase my happiness my only history
Maybe even break the course of destiny
But I’d still remain an unknown mystery
I could stop all my wars surrender in my fight
And end all of it as I turn of the light
Maybe then the voices would be right
I could resist the hurt for a moment or two
And lie and hide away from the true
But every time I try to stop loving you
Somehow that I couldn’t bring myself to do…
I love you.

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