Just a Kid

November 17, 2011
By , Richfield, MN
You say I’m just a kid
I don’t know anything
I know a lot
You just don’t listen

You say I’m just a kid
I don’t know the real world
That may be true
But why is my world any less real than yours?

You say I’m just a kid
I don’t know love
How could I?
When all I see is hate

You say I’m just a kid
I can’t handle the truth
I don’t need protection
The truth is in your eyes

You say I’m just a kid
I’m so innocent
What we do in school
Will shock you to death

You think I’m just a kid
You think I know nothing
You think I don’t know love
You think I don’t know the truth

I am just a kid
My world is bigger than yours
It is full of imagination and happiness
Bright colors
Dancing in the rain
Yours is full of suspicion and hate

I’m just a kid
I make mistakes
It’s my job to fix them
Your job is to help me

I’m just a kid
I see you cry
I see you smile
I know it’s fake

I am just a kid
I know what love is
Pure untainted love
Is not what you have
I see you two fight
I see you two yell
I wonder why you’re still together
You’re not happy

I’m just a kid
The truth is the truth
Don’t conceal it with smiles
Tell it to me straight
Don’t think I can’t handle it
I can handle more than you imagine

But I’m just a kid
You never listen to me
The little amount of knowledge I have
Is worth a hundred times more than yours
My world is full of questions unanswered
Your world is full of never asked questions
My love is pure white
Your love has no color
My innocence is tarnished
Your impiety is naïve
My smile is real
You smile with tears
You don’t understand

I might just be a kid
But I know a life beyond this
Beyond the forest of deceit
Past the river of prejudice
Across the valley of envy
To the east of the garden of hatred
You will find a life
A life of love and light
A life that I know very well
A life that you’ve forgotten

I am just a kid
I know what you teach me
I know I will grow up
But I won’t become you
I will know what’s real
I will believe
I will teach my kid to be a kid
I will tell her how to find Narnia
I will show him how to get to Diagon Alley
I fly with them to Neverland

I know what will happen
When kids grow up
So I want to stay a kid
I am a kid
Now and forever at heart

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Littlejalisa said...
Dec. 7, 2011 at 10:20 am

Wow this is an amazing poem. i feel as if it reaches out to me in some way. Its so well written that im sure every teenage can feel attatched to some part of it. i must say im truly in love with this poem. Stay a kid :}

you should look at some of my work and cooment.


Littlejalisa replied...
Dec. 7, 2011 at 10:20 am
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