Slavery Poem

November 17, 2011
By CheerGurl BRONZE, Lesterville, Missouri
CheerGurl BRONZE, Lesterville, Missouri
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When I was little
I lived in a very small town
Ever time I done something wrong
I got smacked to the ground

I had welps and scars
From head to toe
I tried to hide them
But they would always show

My kids were just born
Just a few weeks ago
Now that i'm leaving
I have nothing to show

Now I live 200 miles away
From my kids and my wife
I don't know what i did
To deserve such a terrible life

I have waited to go home
But I don't know when
I can't wait to see
My wife and kids again

My trip to my new home
Was such a wreck
They kept us chained up
In the bottem of their ship

It was horrible
It wasn't that good
I wish I would have done something
But I couldnt decide if I should

I got fed just a little bit
But it ain't what I wished
All I got was
Small rotting fish

We docked to the shore
My ride wasn't so short
As soon as I got there
They put me to work

I tried to run away
But it did no good
They whpped me and beat me
Where ever I stood

As i was standing there
I didn't know what to do
So they whipped me and beat me
Until I was black and blue

Now this is my time
I don't know if ill survive
I guess they have spoken
Thats its my turn to die

The author's comments:
I wrote it myself

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