Behind Brown Eyes

November 17, 2011
By BrownEyeGirl BRONZE, Varnville, South Carolina
BrownEyeGirl BRONZE, Varnville, South Carolina
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Behind Brown Eyes*
I mask my true feelings
I hid my hurt and pain
I hide the real me
If you could only see *Behind Brown Eyes*
How i hurt but never say it
How i love you but never relly show it
How much you mean to me but cant express it
If only you could see* Behind Brown Eyes*
The things you make me do
The way i act when your around
The fear i feel when your gone
If only you could see *Behind Brown Eyes*
All the laughter you bring to me
All the joy that makes me sing
All the happyness inside of me
If only you could see *Behind Brown Eyes*

The author's comments:
its just how i felt . the week befour i wrote this . so last week i had this long talk with my best friend about how i relly likes hime and wanted to date him . well he told me that he woudnt date me beacuse he didnt wana date any1 right now . so it relly hurt me and broke my heart to pieces . beacus i care about this boy alot . so i just took all the feelings inside that i feelt due to the no he told me and i put them into this poem . my eyes are brown so its talking about how he will never see how i truley feel beacuse im hiding behind my brown eyes

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