Someone Should Have Taught Him

November 17, 2011
By PassionatePoetry GOLD, Strugeon Lake, Minnesota
PassionatePoetry GOLD, Strugeon Lake, Minnesota
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Someone should have taught him
not to drink and drive
someone should have told him
then maybe I'd be alive

You didn't even look
when you drove by
that I was turning the corner
so disappointing to hear I had died

you were so intoxicated
who was to know
that was the day Id lie on my death bed
dying slow

I cherished my last breath
proud that drunk was not what I had been
when the mistakable accident
brought my world to the end

The author's comments:
Drinking and driving is not safe and kills many lives, young innocent people who barely even had the chance to experience life. Something so simple as that can take the living breath out of a human being. Think before you get into that car next time..

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