November 17, 2011
By Anonymous

I live on the beach,
My mind the moving, tumbling sea
I taste the salty air, I touch the grains of sand
I feel them slip through my fingers as the sky changes from blue to black

I wake up in a cold room, with closed doors and messy shelves
My dream has ended and the real world stands before me

My world is brisk and tattered
Smiles not always real, not always right
I only bear the day, to make it to the night

My mind is a wanderer, but it always returns to you
Your memory will never perish

Your eyes matched the ocean
Your lips matched the sunset
Your skin matched the sand
Your heartbeat matched the waves
You held me like the water turned

Though our time was only stationary, it moves with me now
You’ll be with me forever, the tattoo on my heart

My dreams are not the forefront, reality must go first
But in the comfort of my mind,
I still I live on that warm, summer beach

I breathe in salty air, breathing pollution instead
I look for smiles, seeing frowns instead
I listen for the waves, hearing cars instead
I reach for the sand, feeling pencils instead
I sniff for the sunscreen and sunshine, smelling gasoline and perfume instead
I dream to return to the beach, waking up instead

That beach will be my life, though I see it once a year
It fades and fades, but I hold onto it
Like the grains of sand slipping through my fingers every morning
Those tiny grains, each a memory

Now the only proof I have is the tiny star, that tattoo on my heart,
And the feeling of two hearts, too young

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