Be Afraid

November 19, 2011
I scare too easily
Cry myself to sleep some nights
Out of fear
That something is coming
For me

Part of me says "No, it's a lie!"
The other tries to make me cry
"Look out the window, see that face?
Less than beauty, less than grace.
It's coming for you. Better run!
Believe me, the game has just begun!"

"The girl you made fun of today?
Yup, she's dead evil soul to stay
It's a game of chance you see.
Don't know what the outcome will be.
Will she let you live or die?"
I think to myself, Don't listen, you'll cry.

"Remember the ghosts you say don't exist?
This'll take more than an exorcist.
You see, they're in the room with you.
And there's nothing you can do.
Above you, beside you,
Under you, behind you.
There's no escape you stupid girl!"
The voice makes my stomach tilt and swirl.

"Honey listen, turn on the light
You know the monsters hate it bright.
Pray before you go to sleep
Pray the lord your soul to keep.
Try it, but this will never end
You know the demons will
from the fiery halls of hell
cause now they've got you
under their spell!"

I know I'm too old to be afraid
and if I could, you know I'd trade
My cowardly ways
for bravery that lasts for years not days
and make these demons
go back to hell
and break, break, break their evil spell.

But I can't so I must live
easily scared by the image
of ghostly demons
here in my room
waiting for impending doom

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