My Life, Your Entertainment

November 8, 2011
By , Aurora, IL
If You Think You Really Know Me, Your Know Where Near Right,
The Things I Go Through Couldn’t Compare To Your Normal A** Life.
I’ve Seen It All And Pretty Much Done Everything Wrong I Can Think Of, Which Are Things That Aren't So Nice,
Down To The Illegal Things In Life, All The Way To Seeing A Bullet Kill Someone, Which I’ve Witnessed Twice.

Life Is Nothing Simple And Life Is Nothing To Play With,
If You Play The Game Wrong Your Life Could End Very Quick.
Yes I’m A Talented Writer, Yes My Dad Was In The NBA And Yes I Can Hoop Well Too,
But My Life Is Not All That Great I Just Wish Some People Just Knew.
Sometimes I Sit And Think To Myself, Why Am I Still On This Earth?
And I Always Ask My Self, What Am I to People? What Am I Really Worth?
Did I Complete What I Was Set On This Earth To Do?
Or Am I Just a Waste Of Space With Nothing Left On This World To Prove?
These Questions Always Ponder My Head And I Still Don’t Understand Why?
It Feels Like It’s A Sign From Death Where I’m Getting To That Point Where I Just Let Everything Go And Just Cry,
It Could Also Be A Sign From God Telling Me I Should Just Try But Then Again I Put On A Fake Smile Every Day, And Try To Picture The Great Things I See In My Life.
My Shoes Are A Size No One Would Ever Feel Comfortable Walking In,
The Way My Life Is Put Together, I Wish I Could Just Start It Over From The Baby Crib I Use To Fall Asleep In.
I Wish There Was A Redo Button So I Can Live My Life Perfect, Knowing What To Do And What Not To Do, Who To See And Who Not To See, And Who To Let In To My Life And Who I’d Tell Good Bye.
But This Is Reality And My Wishes Don’t Matter So I Always Come To Realize That My Life Is Just Your Entertainment And All I Could Do Is Sit Back And Wipe The Tears Away That Fall From My Eyes………

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Brie555 said...
Nov. 28, 2011 at 9:18 pm
DUDE I totally love youre poem!!! :D ITS AWSOME! its longer and more like a story (love those!!). Keep wrighting!
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