you, your darkness

November 10, 2011
I yank at your chain.
I scream at you,
“Wake up!”
You’re free.
In shock
You don’t believe me.
I cry.
I hate this place.
It’s dank and moist.
It smells of age.
I can’t believe you stay here.
You’re finally free.
I keep screaming
I’m trying to help.
You stay where you are.
I yank you up
I put your arm around my neck,
And lead you out.
You grimace at the unaccustomed light.
You lean into me.
I let you.
I was in your position
Not long ago.
I know how it feels.
Right now,
You’d rather still be in the darkness.
You’re used to it.
But you’ll like the light.
It’s safer.
You can see where you’re going
And where you have been
You see the trail that’ll lead you back.
Now you can avoid it.
Take another path.
I’ll help,
If you’ll let me.

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