Life’s Blessings

November 6, 2011
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Our life is a journey throughout very big cities

That has sidewalks, streets, highways, and alleys.

Your travelling down each path way

Following the directions on the signs by the road.

And as time continues to pass, day by day

You go from an alley to a street at the crossroad.

You begin a day, walking the sidewalk

Looking all over the city

Trying to choose which road you should walk.

You choose an alley to the other side of a building

To get a better view of what you haven’t seen.

You see the busyness of the side where everything is moving.

You are terrified.

You turn around then you realize that want to move on

So you cross your fingers and get into a car

(You had to get going before everything is gone).

So you ride down a street,

Until you came to a meet,

Of the street and the avenue.

You take a full minute

To scan all the cars behind you

Some you’ve seen but, some you haven’t.

Of the cars that you’ve seen

You choose one that you’ll follow

After all, this side of the city is somewhere you’ve never been.

So you have a company for this ride.

You both go on the same boulevard

Until you both realize that its time you hit the highway

And life would not be as easy (in fact it’ll be twice as hard).

Cars are booming by in different sizes and speeds

The road’s changing at the highway’s needs.

You lose your way a time or two

You keep wishing you knew what to do.

You turn the corner just around the bend,

And you come face to face with a dead end.

You pull out the map your companion gave you

And realize that without them there isn’t a thing you could do.

So you put your car into reverse

And you back away from the end

Knowing that the situation could have been worse

That you only have to find your friend.

Your companion was a car’s length from behind you

But your tinted windshield blinded you

You forgot that your companion was on the journey with you

That even when you took the wrong turn

Your companion knew what to do;

He knew not to leave you

Because the highway’s a confusing place

When you’re traveling cross-country

Trying to find new faces

And the place where you belong.

Your companion knew that it was just yesterday

That you were traveling down an alley

Your companion knew that it was just yesterday

That you begun this journey

And your companion knew that it was just yesterday

That a blessing came his way:


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