Power of a Picture

November 6, 2011
By ageller BRONZE, New City, New York
ageller BRONZE, New City, New York
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Standing in the background, taking in everything to be seen,
Watching the sky scraping palm trees sway and lean.
The thick, white sand both soft and hot,
Gives shelter to the fallen fruits just waiting to rot.
The waves provide a rhythmic sound,
Making memories in my mind circle round and round.
Summers with family were spent at the beach,
If I said I were in heaven it would not be a reach.

The camera went off and the picture was taken,
The wind picked up like it had been commanded to awaken.
Everything else seemed to remain the same,
The trees continued to dance as if they were playing a game.
But the mood of the shore then changed in an instance,
As a thick, black cloud appeared in the distance.
The peaceful shore began to roar,
With sounds heard from a violent war.

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