November 17, 2011
Education is respected, but often over-looked.
Trust is necessary, but often abused.
Love is treasured, but often thrown away.
Respect is adored, but often not used.
Patience is required, but often lost.
Faith is the key, but often never found.
Obedience is valued, but often not established.
Self-Control is much needed, but often never learned.

Stubbornness is annoying, but often very common.
Selfishness is ridiculous, but often one's behavior.
Disrespect is looked down upon, but often praised.
Envy is a sad thing, but often pleasure is obtained.
Greed is unnecessary, but often a complication.
Lust is an awful thing, but often one's mental problem.
Hatred is depressing, but often a key to happiness.

There is a strange problem.
The world is in reverse.
That of good is made bad.
And that of bad is made good.
But often enough this problem is neglected.

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