Walls of Love

November 17, 2011
By TraeK BRONZE, Houston, Missouri
TraeK BRONZE, Houston, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Fate was not easy... BUT it got things right. EVENTALLY, everything that came to pass was exactly how it was meant to be."

My walls stood for so long,
My walls remained strong,
Wave after wave of vigorous battles thrashed up against my walls,
The bombardment of enemy cannons,
And yet my walls held victorious,
No one can destroy my walls,
For they are impenetrable,
Or so I thought....
On the eve of another battle,
Out on the horizon where the earth touches the sun,
A woman stands with a white flag,
The flag of surrender?
With my walls still standing strong,
I walk onto the battlefield to encounter her,
She has a proposition for me,
Her walls,
The walls off in a distant land,
She wants me to demolish her walls,
If I do that,
Then she will have no place to live,
No place to call home,
No place to have sanctuary from everyone that has tried to penetrate her walls,
I acknowledge her request,
The journey to her walls was lengthy and treacherous,
Eventually we arrive at our destination with very few wounds,
I help her collapse her walls,
After they have been reduced to nothing but rubble,
I ask her to come to my walls,
For i will give her refuge,
We make the quest back to my walls,
Once we get to my walls,
I hesitate,
No one has ever been in my walls,
Is this really a capital idea?...
I let her in and show her to her room,
I explain that this is the only place she can ever go,
She accepts my offer,
Another battle at my walls,
Foolish people,
No one can tear down my walls,
Another glorious victory,
Day by day goes by,
No battle,
Over the days of no battles I grow fond of this woman,
One day she requests that I dismantle my walls for her,
And together we will build another wall,
A stronger,
More vast wall,
I think about it,
And think and think and think....
I agree for her,
We smash my walls together,
Once my walls are left to decay,
The woman walks to the horizon where i first gazed at her,
She keeps walking....
She walks to the point of no return,
Someone had finally ripped my defenses from me,
Now I stand here,
Fighting off this battles with only my bare hands,
But the day will come where my walls will rise again,
And now I know not to let anyone in.....
No one will ever do this to me again.

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