Dear Vanessa;

November 17, 2011
Dear Amorette;
that’s what it said remember?

‘My favorite Memory:
“Steven has the hots for you.” You said. I smiled and said “No, hes staring at you.” But I knew you were right. That same week, me and Steven went to the movies. ‘GET SMART’ Remember that?(: I had my first kiss then. All because of you(: Thanks(:
That was my favorite memory too. But only you remember why right? I smiled as I read the first part. And if heaven and he**, or ghosts and the supernatural existed you would have seen it.

I’m sorry! I’m sooo sorry!
What were you thinking when you wrote this?

I know what I’m about to will hurt you..
But? It wasn’t enough to stop you? Did you not think it would hurt me? Guess what? IT DID.

But I can’t do this anymore! I’m sorry I haven’t answered your phone calls, or written back. I’m sorry that I never will.
But you did. I’m reading it now. Wishing I hadn’t wishing that we could have talked. Wishing that I could have stopped you.

I couldn’t talk to you because knew that hearin your voice would make me change my mind. I couldn’t do that again. It needs to be done.
What needed to be done?! WTF?! Y
ou should have let me in! Why were you so afraid?

You’re my best friend. If anything, my only friend.
No! Don’t say that! You have friends, a family who care about you!

And I’m so sorry it has to be like this.
But it doesn’t!

I’m sorry I love you and wouldn’t ever want to hurt you.
So then why are you? I hat reading this. I hate knowing that only if you just let me in I could have stopped you. Maybe that’s why you didn’t because you knew I would. Is that what scared you? I told you I was here for you. I told that I’m always going to be here for you!! So why didn’t you listen?!

I’m sorry. I love you, thank you for everything.
Your friend,
You must have seen it. My tears. By the time I had gotten this letter, it was too late. There was nothing I could do. I feel so guilty. Like it was my fault I wasn’t there. So now that it’s done, I have one question for you.
Was it worth it?
Your friend,
p.s. I MISS YOU :’(

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