November 2, 2011
By McGovern GOLD, Chester, New Hampshire
McGovern GOLD, Chester, New Hampshire
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Hiding behind my mask
I never show anyone the true me
No one will ever understand the pain that flows through my pale, fragile body
Afraid of what others will think or say…
So I keep it bundled down inside
Tight and quiet
Never Escaping
If I could have one wish
It would be a wish for happiness
For I have not truly felt this in years
I forget what it feels like to smile
I’m hollow
Nothing but a broken heart inside
The wind tears through me
Whipping my hair around my face
Skin numb
Hands rough
Tears form in my eyes
I have no impulse to wipe them away
Maybe if I cry hard enough
I’ll be set free
I walk along the thin line
Unsure if I’m going to fall
The road ahead looks just as dark and dead as the one behind me
The one I thought I had overcome
A passenger on this crazy ride
I don’t know how to stop
The momentum keeps pushing me forward
No longer sure where I am
Numb and raw
The aching and hurt I feel
It’s as though I’m rubbing salt in my open wounds
Screaming in agony
Doubled over in pain
Searching blindly for a way out
If you lift the veil that shields my face
You will see my vacant eyes
My smile: wiped away
If you lift the veil
You will see a broken girl
You will see

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