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November 2, 2011
I ought to clean out my closet
Admit things I despise
But for tonight, just my pockets
That's a decent compromise

This one holds my phone on vibrate
With each buzz my heart skips a beat
Let's see what you have to say...
Oh nevermind, just a tweet.

In this one my earbuds and iPod
To drown out all that's wrong
But I skip half the tracks I've got
To hear what I wish was our song

In back left some cash, I.D. card
Just in case someone decides to invite me
Just this once would it be so hard?
You go out almost nightly.

And in this one a piece of paper
Crumpled and soft with age
And maybe if you ask me later
I'll show you what's on this page

Here lies what used to be my fault
My initials you drew six different ways
So I could paint next to your flag
Make sure the impression stays

I carry this with me always
A piece of you within reach
Sitting on it through the days
Whilst teachers stand and preach

But i have to clean out my pockets
I carry too many things
Like i ought to clean out my closet
And change the way my cellphone rings

But I can't throw away my cellphone
The leash that keeps my parents sane
And my iPod will stay on its thrown
Emotions for to tame

And money doesn't weigh much
I need the card that says my age
Ironically that leaves it such
What's remaining is this page

Maybe it's time I stopped wearing
Your rejection like a prize
And maybe it's time I stopped caring
What I am in your eyes

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Periwinkleid said...
Nov. 27, 2011 at 10:42 am
A note: When is says "what used to be my fault" on the first line of the sixth stanza, it should say "what used to be my tag" Sorry!
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