She Tells Me

November 2, 2011
By mzkendrababy SILVER, Miamisburg, Ohio
mzkendrababy SILVER, Miamisburg, Ohio
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She tells me not to complain about things
She tells me not to ask so many questions
Why not?
I see things and I wonder
What would it be like to have that?
I don’t have much so it runs through my mind all the time
She tells me everything is ok
She tells me one day life would be different
When will it?
I see people and I wonder
What is it like to have everything you want?
I never got anything, but I wish I did
She tells me she loves me
She tells me she cares
How do you show it?
I see love and I wonder
What’s it like to be loved and cared for?
I never felt that much love, or been cared about
She tells me a lot of things
But I learned to stop listening
I’m my own person and refuse to listen to her
You’re a liar
I hate liars
I will never be like you
Because everything I say is going to be true

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