November 2, 2011
Shut Up!
Go Away!
I Hate You!
Leave Me Alone!
Words we always say,
we don't always mean them.
We just need them to back off.
Give me my space,
and all respect your face.
My life is planned out,
but psychology is at a mind drought.
Cause words even at whispers,
draws my sanity into a twister.
So all continue to scream,
all continue to shout.
Cause all get wilder,
and you'll get cranky and older.
So, let me say the worst thing possible,
and all leave and make something profitable.
All don't try to talk to me,
the nightmares are filled so you can see.
So before you understand,
lock the door in the dark,
so you can't grab a hand.
See how it feels,
or are you just afraid of whats real?
So next time you boss me around,
remember why I fight before I fall to the ground.

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