The first time

November 2, 2011
By LCRinehart BRONZE, Great Falls, Montana
LCRinehart BRONZE, Great Falls, Montana
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Going to church for the first time
Is like going to the beach for the first time
You first stick your feet in the water
You walk through the doors to the church
Then you wait and wait to see what happens
The water comes crashing into you slowly
But at the church its people coming to greet you
The water starts to crash into more waves
The worship music starts
You sit and wait for more to happen
Then you listen for you hear a lovely sound of everyone signing
You realize that everything is cool and tranquil
The beach waves have calmed down
The smell of the ocean waves make you to relax
The music slows down to a low hum
And you realize that everything is going to be okay
Because the beach water is warm
And the church is full of warm smiling people

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