Love lost in the wind

November 21, 2011
By Anonymous

She wakes up in the morning to see him.
She chooses the perfect outfit for him.
She puts on mascara for him.
She puts on her pink-lipgloss for him.
She brushes her hair for 3 minutes for him.
She straightens her hair until it is perfectly straight for him.
She walks out of her house with her book bag,
Walking past his house to the bus stop.

He closes his beat up old laptop,
His only thing that mattered in life.
His foster mom yelled up the stairs for him to get the hell out of her house.
He knows what to do.
He's been planning this ever since his father died.
He has been close to doing it for 3 years now.
He gets his book bag and puts his knife and laptop in it.

She gets off of the school bus.
She waits at her normal spot.
On the sidewalk by the parking lot.
In hope for him to notice her.
He is all she has ever dreamed of for her entire high school.
She would give up anything to date that football star.

He leaves his hell of a house.
He walks to the park.
He goes to the pond.

She decided to skip first period.
Its her favorite class because he's in her class.
Math wouldn't be the same without him though she thought.
She walks to the park.
Her favorite place in the world.

The pond is his least favorite place.
It makes him think of when he used to go there with his dad.
His real dad.
He picks up his knife.
He is ready.
Ready to be free.
Ready to finally join his father.
He sets his knife up to his wrist.
Only a matter of seconds until I will see my dad.
He thinks.

She sees somebody by the pond.
She walks over there, hoping it isn't a adult wondering why she isn't in school.

He presses his knife into his wrist.

She realizes from the back it's a highschooler.
She runs up to him.
She realizes it's him.
She sits down in front of him.
She was to late.
She throws his knife in the pond.
I love you she said.
Only if he would've known somebody cared.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem one day while i was thinking about one of my best friends that had a cutting issue. I helped him get help though depression, but he still has scars from cutting himself. The thing about his depression was that he never had a problem of why he became depressed. I wrote this poem to symbolize there are worse things in life then what you are going through, and life is not a way to get out of those issues. If you strike out on life, there is things in life you will not luck out on and will go through. Everybody is here in life for a reason. Heres a challenge, the day that you read this poem tell 10 people that you normally don't talk to that you love them and truly mean it. Give compliments to people too.

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