I Take Comfort

November 21, 2011
By Courtney_N_Ursini GOLD, Warwick, Rhode Island
Courtney_N_Ursini GOLD, Warwick, Rhode Island
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I saw you laugh cold heartedly at my flaws.
As I sat, trying to muster up the words.
Words I still can't bring myself to say.
But I find comfort in knowing you and I are different.
For if I was as hollow, well then I could not live.

Being bitter must be lonely.
But what is loneliness, if you aren't really alone.
Swimming in a constant sea of thoughts.
Drowning in meaningless nonchalance.
Tell me, would you be proud?
If you were looking at yourself ten years from now.

For all I see in you is a pathetic coward.
Unable to love, incapable of caring.
Stitch shut the broken seems of what used to be.
We pretended we were everything that we never could be.
You kept me as a prize to show off to the world.
As I held strong thinking love would come along.
Both inevitably letting the other down.

For you, I could never be a princess - never up to standard.
And for me You never even tried to show compassion.
Yet, we still sat around sipping coffee.
Making noise to fill silence.
I knew full well I was in over my head to start with.
You didn't care enough to spare my heart.
Let alone notice it.

As you walked with it sticking to the bottom of your shoe like chewed gum.
Mangled and meshed with every step you took with ease.
Much like the ease of which you stole my heart in the first place.

In the midst of our charade,
Our fake facade that somehow everyone believed.

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