My No-Name Scar

November 21, 2011
By cwalker12396 SILVER, Middleboro, Massachusetts
cwalker12396 SILVER, Middleboro, Massachusetts
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Not a fiery day flows by
Where I don’t remember her eyes
So hollow, so deep
So many emotions to disguise
Did she even see
What I buried deep inside?
Tears that threaten to expose
The feelings that I hide
I should be a big girl
And take this with full strength
And hold my head up high
To not show any restraint
Though when she steps
Into the threatening night
With a bag around her shoulder
And lips that are tight
My courage bounces against the wall
And out of sight
I ran to her and plea
And to God my soul does pray
Thought the moon can’t cloak her bloodshot eyes
And their great look of dismay
I’m left standing there
With my heart torn in two
My dad and brother stay behind me
As a statue so new
Now ever since that horrid night
Since I was just four years old
My friendships take a downward path
For I’m a coward to get close
I ask if everybody will leave me
And if I wander all alone
Will my no-name scar be deep enough
To bring me back home?

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