If Only My Heart Could Speak!:

November 21, 2011
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If my heart could speak.

It'd say that i am sad!

It'd say I'm sinking.

So far under, that i could drown!

In the pain and sorrow and misery.

That's all around!

If my heart was able to talk

It'd say it has lost its way

That it can't see what it use to see.

That it no longer believes!

In destiny, or hope.

Or anything!

When you listen to it beat!

It won't tell you what it thinks.

Or what it sees!

In every single memory.

All there was!

Was you and me.

If my heart could speak!

It'd say I'm tired of trying.

It'd tell you I've reached the end!

All I see is it breaking.

And in the end!

This is what it sees.

If you actually listen.

It could tell you what it needs!

But all there is, is what will never be.

In it's memories!

There is always you.

And always me!

If my heart could speak!

It'd tell you the truth about me.

It'd tell you why i can't sleep, or eat

And why i can't breathe.

It'd tell you everything!

You need to know about me.

If only my eart could speak!

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