The Last One

November 21, 2011
By Anonymous

If I was the last person on earth,
I would run around naked because there would be no one there to look at me with a funny face.
I would explore,
I would go into a Bloomingdales and put on a Chanel dress and Giuseppe Zanotti boots and walk around pretending I am royalty
Because there would be no such thing as money.
I would walk because time wouldn’t matter anymore
I would drive to Miami and take a boat out.
Sail to the middle of the ocean,
Where no building could be seen.
The blue water the sun and the sky.
Just stop there and listen to the sound of the water.
A sound of relief.
I would float for hours in peace,
Feel the water in my hair.
But after days that silence wouldn’t be so peaceful anymore,
Because I would realize how completely lonely I feel.
And all of the cigarettes in the world wouldn’t calm the desperation living inside of me,
Desperation for the warmth of another human soul.

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