The Somber Truth

November 21, 2011
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Have you ever wondered why people say goodbye?For the most part you’ll see those you say goodbye to again.Maybe tomorrow,maybe in a year,or maybe in heaven but you’ll see them again.Why don’t we say hello to people every time they deny us, every time they move away from us, or every time they break our hearts.Why doesn’t the cheating dad say hello to the man serving him the divorce papers?Why doesn’t the grieving widow say hello to the police chief as he knocks on her door in the middle of the night?Goodbyes should replace hellos and hellos should replace goodbyes but then everything would have a distorted meaning.People in today’s society would actually have to look onward towards the future,stop pondering on the past, and stop using depression as an excuse for their drug addiction.The people of today, the next generation, would have to take life as it comes,be miserable for a day and look at the positive side of tomorrow.It’s a shame;isn’t it?To want a world filled with peace and happiness.A world where the white supremacy no longer exist and murders aren’t committed.Unfortunately, this is not the case and all who walk the planet will continue to hold grudges; will continue to deceive the ones they care most about;and will continue to say goodbye after they say hello.

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