Vow of Silence

November 21, 2011
By Stanley Ihejirika BRONZE, South Holland, Illinois
Stanley Ihejirika BRONZE, South Holland, Illinois
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Words that are unspoken, but silently being whispered through the bodies of individuals that constantly refuse to love emotionally instead of physically. My voice echoing through the ears of birds that fly with no wings and the wind that flows around every being. It is my fault that I gripped my vocal cords and burned them so the thoughts that my mind so feverishly holds on to cannot release and I am afraid. I am scared of the fact that the vibrations that my voice holds will bounce off their ears and evaporate into rain that flows all around them but never touches them. I am not inspiration, but I pray every day that I will show God’s people redemption. I am crying tears that pour from my eyes that come directly from a steady stream in my soul that carries the love that I have for all my brothers and sisters into my heart. I know now that I unconsciously took a vow to forever silent the strong voice buried within my stomach refusing to come out. It is my fault that heaven is cringes at the sight of a woman losing the innocence that Mary carried within her belly. It is my fault that I cannot save my brothers and sisters who have jumped on the first boat floating down the river that leads to empty pastures and blood-red rivers. It is my fault that…… It’s time I stop feeling sorry for myself and stand for the pride and love that dwells within in our men and woman. I will stop this unfaithful fight the devil has so strategically planned. It is my tongue that holds the power God has stored in heaven for those who shout and call for it. I am stronger, braver, wiser, and perfect because I have chosen what the world has refused and that is God. My time is now and it was my faith that broke my Vow of Silence.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to wirte this because i had friends that constantly made bad decisons and i mad the choice to to tell them that they were wrong

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