Scythes in the Arms of Angels

November 21, 2011
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You know my name.
I come from the shadows
Beneath the depths of
I long for mortality,
No patience for susceptibility,

I’m bound to these bones and walls
I’ve become these catacombs.

Venturing into the shadows,
I’ve cleared the path ahead.
Making the way back inconceivable.

With no dreams
Of going home.
No body can escape
My glacial grasp.

In an ice-covered light,
I pass over this world.
Waiting behind every corner.
Taunting your every move.

Do not fear me.
I welcome you,
With an intimately poisonous touch.

With a crooked grin beneath my tailing cloak.
I lay you down with grace.
Now slumber as the curtains of
Your precious life will fall.

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