November 21, 2011
By Josh Ritson BRONZE, Gilford, New Hampshire
Josh Ritson BRONZE, Gilford, New Hampshire
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I went drowning in a sea
Of Gods. And not even the sun
Or the moon was there to protect me. So it makes it
Hard to believe that I’m some type of
Casper now- now that this world is behind me.
Whoever said that this world
Is worth dying for? Set up like my forefathers
Before me I try to take control. I know the four horsemen
Try to keep an order in heaven and hell, but we cannot bow down
To every brawl that goes on in this farfetched place
We call home. We have to open our eyes and see
That every day millions of people die- and for what cause?
But just because death is a part of life
Pops in our head whenever we hear about the murder –
As if the writing in the newspaper is just a smudge
For the rest of those perfect heavens. And heaven itself
Hates the idea of hell; but what we know of burning bridges is that
Every good has its evil. We’ve all been caught up in what we think
Is hell. And so if the ices of heaven, have the
Depths of hell- where will mankind stand? Is there
A fourth kingdom to match us? - Or will there be a time
When we come to pick our own side, and as far as
We know, we see heaven as champion over all hell.
Yes I know it’s hard to get to heaven—or so I read-
So Satan must have those dead armies growing like the
Bamboo deepest in the bushes of the Rainforests
Below Southeast Asia. I hope we just have a clue what the
“Hell” we are talking about. Because I cannot uncover where the
Idea that killing is okay. For what reason does the Devil, or God, want
Our lives to end but our Souls to go on. War is the easiest thing
In this world to us. Taking a minute to think
That fighting life with life is what we are best at
Is easy to see. There’s a constant war with the world, and there
Will be no time where world peace could happen. -War-
It’s happened for thousands and thousands of years,
And still what do we do about it? We fight back. Like the pathetic ostrich
Stuffing our faces under the dirt whenever we feel
The white horse bowing his head to us.?

And so I say take a step, climb onto that horse, follow in the footsteps
Of righteousness, and take over the evil that we think of as hell.
Our nukes or guns don’t matter to the dead.
Our strongest weapon is grace, and upright decency.
Is it that hard to follow by our own rules that we’ve been taught since
We were kids? Our parents wanted us to be successful, but why does the need
For power and money take us over? So what I try to get at
Is that as long as these struggles are endless,
We all will be standing still.

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