Hobo to High Life

November 21, 2011
By lindseylee1193 SILVER, Gilford, New Hampshire
lindseylee1193 SILVER, Gilford, New Hampshire
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I once resided in the dumpster
And used banana peels as litter.
The flies, though they were my buddies,
Would often become part of my dinner.
Parasites and diseases,
I had quite the collection going.
But when the humans dropped their treasures,
They noticed my tail showing.
Took me in, cleaned me up,
And set me up with cable,
I even have a fluffy bed
Underneath the table.
By day I play with paper
And let them pat my tummy,
But at night I’ll throw a party
‘cause socially I’m no dumby.
I believe I live in a high rise,
A towering filing cabinet.
And when the people leave at night
I search for a lady cat on the net.
I scroll and scroll through pages
For a nice Siamese or Tabby,
And fine a couple lookers
With coats that aren’t too shabby.
This really is the life here,
I’ve got this gig down pat
It couldn’t get much better
Than being an office cat.

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