Prized Fight

November 21, 2011
By BrendonMurphy SILVER, Gilford, New Hampshire
BrendonMurphy SILVER, Gilford, New Hampshire
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Counter my every move
With a hard hitting uppercut.
No referee to break us apart
even though I'm down and out.
We danced for twelve rounds
With no bumps or bruises
But you hit me where it hurts,
And I have no one in my corner.
My heart still too strong to throw in the towel
But you're ready to end this fight.
Clinging to you for one last chance
To steady the spinning ring.
Shoved away on to sinking footing
With no one to fall back to
It’s always just been me and you.

I can't dance with you any longer,
You move too fast.
You fade from me with the hope to win.
The title is yours,
Leaving me empty
And the crowd cheering your name.

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