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You think you know my life?

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You think you know my life?

Late nights up alone
Early mornings wishing I was far from here
Everyday exactly the same

I’m trying so hard to get through the day
I fall asleep in class, and forget where I am
I’m happy
Dreaming of somewhere new where no one knows my name
A place where no one judges and everyone loves
It doesn’t exist
A perfect world doesn’t exist

A sudden loud noise or tap on my shoulder
I’m awakened
Reality sets in again, It’s horror
Everyday exactly the same

Not a smiling face in sight
My vision of what’s real; hazy
Not a hint of innocence in anyone’s eyes
They pretend as though they’re pure at heart, but I know the truth
Perhaps that’s why my head’s always so high in the clouds

I fear of falling, but I’m at an all time low
There’s no one to save me
Anyone who has ever cared doesn’t anymore
I pushed them away, that’s just what I do
I loved and trusted much too easy
I always ended up hurt
Now I don’t believe a word I hear, and I’m cold

The second I get home I run to my room
Avoid any possible human contact
I just want to be alone, truly alone
I cry and curl up in a ball on my bed
Another day gone terribly wrong
Another day stuck with people who don’t even bother to say “hello”
Or simply smile

I go to bed alone again
My mind full, but blank
Tomorrow will be exactly the same

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