Powerless Power

November 20, 2011
By BlackPhoenix GOLD, North Bennington, Vermont
BlackPhoenix GOLD, North Bennington, Vermont
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They wish to bath to world in blood
Running to war into the mud
I endeavor to stop the bloody shower
I have will, I have the power
And I wild it justly
For great power must be
War, I master her
In my divine anger
The blood thirsty fall
Driven back to hide at the wall
With more remorse
And even more force
The war is done
But again it come
I drive it back once more
Ageist my anger they fall back sore
With a shout of my voice
They hide in their next chose
With a swing of my sword
I dispel the hoard
I sight of my anger, enough to kill
To the pending battle, it must be the pill
I fend the back with much easy
They come again and fall to there knees
Each time to strike
With the throw of a pike
My anger make quiet
The demonic rite
And peace will rein
Till they come again
I will be there to push them back
Still they come in a larger pack
And so they return with grate might
They come back after every fight
The only way to make them stop
I must make sure all of them drop
So till none survive I fight each day
I ask myself, is there a better way?

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