Truth Be Told

November 20, 2011
By BlackPhoenix GOLD, North Bennington, Vermont
BlackPhoenix GOLD, North Bennington, Vermont
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Truth be told
If I may be so bold
I can not say
What is truth anyway
Is it how I feel
Is that what’s real
What is the truth
Tell me forsooth
Convince my why
The truth makes me cry
Should it not be
As beautiful as thee
For virtue of the search
Forward my ear doth lurch
Just to hear whisper
So better I can know her
The truth must be a she
For it makes no sense to me
Hence this search is my strife
For truth a good wife
Truth is hard to find
But it’s ok, I don’t mind
The search is my song
And life is long
At least till I find it
Truth and life’s wit
Then time is short
None left to report
With no more of why
Happily I die

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