Heaven Or Hell

November 20, 2011
By BlackPhoenix GOLD, North Bennington, Vermont
BlackPhoenix GOLD, North Bennington, Vermont
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What is this place
Engulfed by fire
I hasten my pace
But reach not my desire

The faster I run
The farther I am
Me, the only one
In this land of damn

It I will never reach
Though it is my goal
A lesson I can teach
But not to my soul

I run harder than humanly
And put forth all my might
A force inhibits me
But still I fight

I will not fail
I shall not falter
They’ll sing of my tail
Upon my alter

And I know not is this hell
Nor heaven, spoke in mirth
It’s clear for me to tell
Not Heaven nor Hell, but Earth

With this thought I could see
Though it may be sappy
The pursuit, for me
Is what makes me happy

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